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Enhanced Project Funding

The Enhanced Project Funding Program allows us the ability to offer up to 100% of the project's budget with only 10% cash requirement from the client. Our private lenders work with international capital asset managers using a proprietary capital accumulation method to raise funds for the structured financing of projects. The funding program allows the flexibility to fund qualifying domestic and international projects in an expedited manner with minimal "red tape"

Acceptable projects may include but are not limited to: energy projects, real estate development, commercial real estate, humanitarian projects, industrial plants, hotels, medical institutions, films and more.

Program Highlights
- No up-front fees.
- 100% funding of the project budget.
- 10% minimum cash required ($1M minimum).
- 5.00% fixed interest rate.
- No pre-payment penalty.
- Non-personal recourse loan.
- $5M to $70M loan amounts..
- Straight debt loan. No equity position is taken.

For more information please refer to How It Works.

Submission Procedure
Our funding resources require proper submission protocol that must be followed for a successful and timely funding.
To get started we will need a full summary of the proposed project such as an Executive Summary, Business Plan, Drawdown Schedule, etc. Please show in the Executive Summary the amount of funds available to the client for this funding transaction. After we receive and review the information we will discuss with you the transactional and financial feasibility of the requested funding of the project.

You may email the Executive Summary and other pertinent information to: intake@cbcapitalfunding.com or you may contact us to discuss your project.

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